More November Tips

TIP 6: After chrysanthemums have stopped blooming, cut stems back close to the ground. Dispose of stems and all dropped and dried leaves and branches.

TIP 7: Rake and destroy leaves from fruit trees that were diseased this year. Remove mummified fruit.

TIP 8: Autumn is a good time to prepare your lawn for the year ahead, and the best time to tackle any long-term improvements. If grass growth is poor, aerate the lawn. You can do this by pushing the prongs of a fork about 15 cm (6 in) into the ground. Brush a soil improver into the holes made by the fork. Use sand or a mixture of fine soil and sand if the ground is poorly drained. Alternatively, use peat, a peat-substitute or very fine, well-rotted compost if the ground is sandy. Reseed as necessary; fall is an excellent time for reseeding.

TIP 9: A vegetable garden should be turned over in late fall, especially before a cold night to freeze any hibernating insects.

TIP 10: Work a trowel full of bone meal around old roses before they are mulched for the winter months.

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