November Gardening Tips

TIP 1: If your paperwhites have grown too tall in the past, place the paperwhites like you normally do in water and pebbles. Wait until the roots start growing and the shoots are an inch or two tall. Pour off the water and give the plant a 4 to 6% solution of alcohol. How much is 4-6 percent? Vodka, whiskey, gin, rum etc. is usually 80 proof or 40% alcohol. Mix 1 to 7 parts of water and you have a 5% solution. If you don’t have spirits in your home, you can use rubbing alcohol cut with 10 -11 parts water.

TIP 2: Studies show that plants, especially potted plants, respond well to warm water and are adversely affected by cool water. Water under 50 degrees can reduce leaf size, cause leaf drop and inhibit root growth, while water 90 degrees actually improves plant growth. Indoor plants should never be watered with water below 65 degrees.   

TIP 3: Store liquid pesticides where temperatures will not fall below 40 degrees. Too low a temperature may result in a breakdown of the chemicals. If the liquid should freeze, there is the danger of the plastic container cracking and scattering the chemical!

TIP 4: Clean out birdhouses, feeders, and birdbaths for the upcoming fall/winter season. Replenish feeders, suet containers and dust off your birdbath heater. Check feeders and birdbaths frequently to keep up with your critters’ demand!  Wild birds use this time to start storing body fat necessary to survive the harsh weather ahead.

TIP 5: Stake young trees loosely so they can develop strong trunks. Wrap the trunks with an insulating material to protect from cold.

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