Pansies vs Violas

Fact #1:Despite Pansies being known for cool weather plantings, Violas are more cool and hot weather tolerant giving them a longer season of interest.

Fact #2:Pansies have larger flowers and sturdier compact bases than Violas. However, Violas have more of an abundance of flower heads per plant.

Fact #3:Pansies have more color varieties available than Violas.

Fact #4:Both Pansies and Violas are edible! They have a mild evergreen flavor and pair well with salads, drinks and deserts! If that’s not your taste, use them as a garnish!

Fact #5:Pansies are derived from the French word Pensée which means “thought”. This is due to the flower itself resembling a face – later on in the season it nods forward as if to be deep in thought. The French believed that it would make your lover think of you.

Fact #6:To easily tell the difference between the two if you still scratching your head, Violas have two petals up and three petals down. Pansies have four petals up and one petal down.

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