More Tips

TIP 3: Keep the moisture coming (but not too much). With the continuing hot weather don’t be tempted to get hoses out and spray everything including the ground. Surface watering only encourages plant roots to come to the surface. This will make them more vulnerable to drying out. Deliver localized water to the base of your plants.

TIP 4: Although food for birds is abundant now, you need to begin filling feeders now so birds know where to come for food this winter. Try putting out a few different feeders with different size feeder holes & different foods to see how many types of bird you can attract.

TIP 5: Plant a fall crop of peas. The roots of peas “fix” nitrogen into the soil for next spring planting. Remember though, when planting peas for fall, plant them almost twice as deep as spring-planted peas. This will help keep the seeds cool and also from drying out before they germinate.

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