Seed Starter Kits on Sale

50% OFF Sale: Planters Pride 20 Fiber Grow Pellet Greenhouse Seed Starter Kit.

The kit includes a watering tray, professional humidity dome, 20 Fiber Grow pellets and instructions Fiber Grow Pellets expand up to 10 times faster than the leading peat pellet Pellets are dried and compressed in a biodegradable fine mesh netting; the competitors peat pellets are in a nylon mesh that does not biodegrade. Once seedlings have matured both pellet and seedling can be planted directly into a planter or the ground.

Fiber Grow pellets are dried and compressed in a secure, fine mesh netting

Pellets are universal and fit all Planters’ Pride Fiber Grow Pellet Greenhouse Kits

All-purpose kits include pellets, tray and humidity dome

100% biodegradable

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