Poet’s Laurel

YOU don’t have to beg for this plant. Countryside Gardens has Poet’s laurel, or Danae racemosa to plant geeks. It has as long been a favorite southern pass-along plant. Pass-along plant is a technical term used to designate plants that aren’t economical for most nurseries to grow, so you’ll need to beg one from your neighbor. Since poet’s laurel takes 5-7 years from seed to produce a saleable plant, the pass-along tag fits perfectly. A long history in Greek and Roman culture representing praise for a victory or great achievement in the form of a laurel crown. Danae woven-stem wreaths were also bestowed upon revered members of society who, if they then lived off of their past glories, were said to be “resting on their laurels.” In Greek mythology, Danae was the daughter of the mythical King Acrisius of Argos, but I’ll stop before my train of thought gets derailed.

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