Night Blooming Cereus

Limited supply. If you want one, hurry into Countryside Gardens. Have you ever had a party to celebrate a plant blooming? If you have ever seen a night-blooming cereus in bloom, then you know why gardeners that have one of these plants will invite friends and neighbors over to enjoy them. What is so special about this plant that would make people venture out late in the evening to witness its blooms? Well, the blooms are as big as a saucer and 4 to 5 inches deep. Expect immaculate white petals, a wonderful OMG fragrance like none other. The plant blooms only once or twice a year. Yes, when a night-blooming cereus blooms, it is indeed a special event. Each plant can have several flowers blooming at once depending on its size. Also known as “Queen of the Night”. #Nightbloomingcereus

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