More Tips

Tip 6: When pruning large limbs always undercut first. This means to cut from the bottom up, 1/3 of the way through the limb, then finish by cutting from the front. The undercut keeps the limb from splitting & breaking off, which could damage the trunk and become an entryway for insects and diseases.

Tip 7: Most garden plants thrive on our acidic soils, but a few enjoy a more basic environment. Irises are happy with a slightly higher pH.  If you burn a fire, save the ashes for spreading around irises or pink hydrangeas.  A little lime around them in the spring will give the same effect.

Tip 8: Winter months are a great time to plan for upcoming spring planting. Check your previous seasons’ notes – what tomatoes did best, what plants did poorly, which areas produced best & least, etc. Draw your planting diagram for the upcoming spring planting. Remember to rotate your crops.

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