More tips

TIP 3: Spider mites love hot and dry weather – check plants like juniper, arborvitea and spruce regularly by holding a white sheet of paper under a piece of the plant foliage, and gently shake or smack the paper with the piece of foliage. Run your hand over the paper, if there are reddish smears on the paper, the plant has spider mites. Treat organically with Capt. Jack’s Dead Bug Brew or Insecticidal Soap. A blast of cold water from your hose also deters these pests.
TIP 4: Water between 5-10 a.m. in order to prevent evaporation which occurs during the hottest part of the day (use a timer to make it convenient). Morning is better than evening, since dampness encourages growth of fungus. Water long enough to soak the roots of your plants. A light sprinkling evaporates quickly and results in shallow root systems.

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