July Garden Tips

TIP 1: Keep pinching back your mums to about 6 inches until July 15th to achieve a full mum by fall.

TIP 2: Now is the time to apply Fertilome Yield Booster to stop and prevent Blossom-End Rot of tomatoes, a common disorder that decreases fruit yields.

TIP 3: If you plan on growing a cool season vegetable garden this fall from seed, NOW is the best time to get a good selection of seed. It is also time for a second sowing of radishes and carrots.

TIP 4: If you have to spray a chemical on your lawn or plants, do so early in the morning before bees become active.

TIP 5: If any of your summer annuals fizzled out, now is the time to sow seed for spider flowers, zinnia and cosmos for a beautiful Fall display of color.

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