January Gardening Tips

TIP 1: Check all house plants closely for insect infestation. For indoor use, we recommend Fertilome Triple Action Plus. Contains .90% neem oil, effective on insects and diseases.
TIP 2: Winter is a great time to take your tools off the shelf and give them a little TLC. Disinfecting your pruning tools is very important to stop the spread of fungus and disease. Using Lysol to disinfect causes the least damage to clothes and tools. Also sharpen and oil your tools to increase their life expectancy! And don’t forget to clean and sharpen the lawn mower blade. 
TIP 3: For winter color, force blooms on apple, dogwood, forsythia, quince, flowering cherry and pussy willow branches. Soak the entire branch in warm water for twelve hours or just place in a bucket of warm water and leave in a dark spot for three days. Then, place in a sunny room. They should begin to blossom in 10-12 days. 

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