Gardening Tips from Countryside Gardens

TIP 1: Store liquid pesticides where temperatures will not fall below 40 degrees. Too low a temperature may result in a breakdown of the chemicals. If the liquid should freeze, there is the danger of the plastic container cracking and scattering the chemical!

TIP 2: Clean out birdhouses, feeders, and birdbaths for the upcoming fall/winter season. Replenish feeders, suet containers and dust off your birdbath heater. We just got in a new shipment of heaters if you need one. Check feeders and birdbaths frequently to keep up with your critters’ demand!

TIP 3: Mums can be cut back to within several inches of the ground once flowering ends. After the ground freezes, apply a 2 to 3 inch layer of loose mulch, pine needles, straw or leaves.

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