Climate Change & Organics

We at Countryside Gardens are commited to offering our guests organic and natural options. We aren’t new to the party…we didn’t just recently hop on the organic bandwagon now that it’s “fashionable.” We’ve been truly committed to organic since we opened our doors. Any of our Virginia Certified Horticulturalist can show you an alternative to synthetic fertilizer and pesticides. DID YOU KNOW that food production accounts for approximately 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions and is expected to increase as food production demands grow. Organic agriculture is well positioned to provide positive contributions to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the use of synthetic fertilizer and pesticides – the manufacturing of which comprises as much as 10% of direct global agricultural emissions. Furthermore, organic farming systems produce lower nitrous oxide emissions than conventional systems when calculated per acre. These results suggest that adoption of organic farming methods can contribute to climate change mitigation by reducing both direct and indirect sources of agricultural greenhouse gasses.

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