Tomato List 2015

These are the tomato varieties we plan to have in 2015. Since our growing area is not that large we will not have all varieties available at the same time. If there is a variety you want call us at 757 722-9909 and reserve your’s ahead of time. We will give you a call when that variety is ready for pick up. Be sure to visit our Pinterest page to see a description of each variety.

Abe Lincoln (H)                     Juliett (Grape)

Ace 55 (H)                                  Lizzano Hybrid

Amana Orange (H)                 Lemon Boy

Amelia                                        Manitoba   (H)

Aunt Ruby Green                    Marglobe

Beef Maestro                            Marianna’s Peace (H)

Beefmaster                                Martino’s Roma  (H)

Beefsteak (H)                           Miracle Sweet Hybrid

Believe It or Not                      Mortgage Lifter (H)

Better Boy                                  Mt. Merit Hybrid

Better Bush                               Mountain Pride (H)

Big Beef (H)                              Mr. Stripey (H)

Big Boy                                      Nebraska Wedding

Black Krim (H)                        New Hampshire Pickling

Black Sea Man                         Old German (H)

Blue Ribbon Hybrid               Orange Sunshine Hybrid

Box Car Willie                         Oregon Spring

Brandywine Pink (H)            Oxheart Red (H)

Brandywine Red (H)              Parks Whopper

Brandywine Yellow (H)          Patio

Bush Beefsteak                        Peron

Bush Blue Ribbon                   Pineapple

Bush Champion II                  Pink Girl

Bush Early Girl                       Prime Beef Goliath

Bush Goliath                            Red Pear (H)

Carolina Gold                           Roma

Celebrity                                    Rossa Sicilian  (H)

Cherokee Purple (H)                 Rutgers (H)

Chocolate Cherry                     San Marzano

Christmas Grape                       Slava  (H)

Debut Hybrid                             Sub Artic Plenty

Delicious                                    Sugar Snack

Disie Golden Giant                    Sugary Grape (H)

Early Doll                                    Sungold (gold cherry)

Early Girl                                     Sun Sugar (yellow cherry)

Fantastico Hybrid                      Super Bush

Gardener’s Delight                     Super Fantastic

German Red Strawberry            Super Steak

German Johnson (H)                 Super Sweet 100

Golden Girl                                  Supersonic

Golden Jubilee (H)                     Sweet Aperitif

Goliath                                          Sweet Seedless

Goliath Pear                                 Tigerella

Grapette Hybrid F                     Tiny Tim  (H)

Green Grape                                Tomatillo

Green Zebra                                 Tomatoberry Garden Hybrid

Health Kick Hybrid                    Tumbling Tom Red Hyb

Heatmaster Hybrid                    Viva Italia

Hillbilly (H)                                 Warren’s Yellow

Husky Red Hybrid                     White Tomesol

Indigo Rose                                 Yellow Pear  (H)

Isis Candy

Italian Goliath

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