August Garden Tips

TIP 1: Late August is the best time to fertilize roses for the last time of the season; also prune roses lightly to promote big fall blooms. Pick up a bag of Espoma Rose~tone

TIP 2: Now is the time to apply Insect Systemic Granules to plants you have outdoors for the summer and plan to bring inside in the fall.

TIP 3: Now is the time to prepare for Fall vegetable gardens. Remove the previous crop residue and any weed growth. Prepare the soil by tilling or spading to a depth of at least 6 to 8 inches. Thoroughly incorporate any fertilizer or compost.

TIP 4: Strawberries should be thinned before fall. Remove all dead or diseased fruit and all but two or three runners from your main plants to promote abundant and large fruits.

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