Flowering Vines at Countryside Gardens

VINESUp Up & Away – Using Vines for Vertical Height

Create a pop of color to the garden space with flowering vines. Vines are the perfect way to add vertical height and create a beautiful backdrop for other plant varieties.

There are several new varieties to choose from with different features.

1) Amethyst Falls Wisteria– a great selection that offers vivid blue blooms in late Spring and attracts plenty of butterflies. It is a North American native selection making it a strong climber without the invasive qualities found in some vines.

2) Madison Jasmine– The fragrant white blooms of this climbing vine make it an outstanding choice for the garden. Evergreen foliage all year round adds to its appeal.

3) Lady Banks Rose – Feel like you’re in an English garden with this vine that offers petite,  fragrant yellow blooms. It also makes an excellent groundcover if allowed to spread.

4) Hot Lips® Trumpet Vine – this beautiful climber features colorful red-hot trumpet blooms and superior climbing abilities. Hummingbirds absolutely love the nectar from its abundant blooms spring through summer.

5) Carolina Jessamine – a wonderful vine for adding vertical height on a trellis or fence. It offers profuse yellow blooms in Spring as well as evergreen foliage throughout the year.

Also available are Evergreen Wisteria, Honeysuckle, Hydrangea vine and assorted Clematis

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