Tish’s Tips for December

Tip 1: Be careful when using deicing salts around driveways and walks this winter: Salt is toxic to many flowers, trees, shrubs, and lawn grasses. Sand, sawdust, and kitty litter or the combination of these works well as a substitute.

Tip 2: Store all liquid pesticides and fertilizers in a cool (not freezing) location and out of reach of children.

Tip 3: Feed pansies regularly; they are heavy feeders. We recommend Fertilome blooming and rooting liquid 9-59-8 or Fertilome Premium Bedding plant food.

Tip 4: Now is a good time to clean your mower thoroughly. Remove the blade and sharpen it with a file or replace it if necessary. Run all the gas out of the tank and remove the spark plug for the winter. With these few simple precautions, it should start right up in spring.

Tip 5: Now that some of your plants are nearly naked, this is a reminder that it is a good time to inspect and spray your shrubs with a horticultural oil. It kills all stages of insects including eggs by smothering. Stop in for some ALL SEASON SPRAY OIL.

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