Tish’s Tips for September


TIP # 1 – Houseplants that have been outside all summer should be allowed to make a fairly slow transition to indoor conditions. Quick changes in environment can result in yellowed foliage and leaf drop. To avoid injury, bring plants indoors before temperatures dip below 55 degrees. Check for insect pests before you move the plants; it is easier to get rid of pests while plants are still outside. Stop in for Bonide Systemic Granules Insect Control.

TIP#2 – Divide and replant iris, daylilies, cannas and other perennials. Don’t toss extras; drop them off here and we pot and love them back to beauty for Habitat for Humanity.

TIP#3 – Mulch beds before frost sets in, one to two inches is sufficient, it’s like spreading a blanket over your garden beds!

TIP#4 – Sow fescue seed by mid-October.

TIP #5 – Halt pruning on all shrubs and trees; the new growth induced by fall pruning is susceptible to winter injury. You can still remove dead or diseased branches.

TIP #6 – Fall is the mating season for slugs. Now is the best time to cut down on your slug population for 2014. Pick up Bonide Slug Magic for effective treatment.

TIP #7 – Make Herbal Ice Cubes

To preserve fresh herbs freeze them in ice cube trays. Chop leaves of your favorite herbs, pack into the trays, cover with water, and freeze. Store cubes in plastic bags in the freezer and pop them into soups, drinks, etc. this winter. Be sure to label bags.

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