May Gardening Tips

May gardening tipsTip 1 – Tomatoes should be rotated to different locations in the soil every year or two,  so they do not contract soil diseases. This applies to potatoes and   eggplants, also. The black bottoms on tomatoes are called blossom-end rot, caused by a lack of calcium or stress from too little or too much water. We carry FERTILOME  YIELD BOOSTER to stop blossom-end rot.

Tip 2 – To keep your gardens and containers blooming, use FERTILOME BLOOMING AND ROOTING 9-59-8.

Tip 3 – A great product for hanging baskets are clear DRIP PANS. They snap  on any 10″ or 12″ hanging basket and excess water is absorbed as needed.

Tip 4 –  SOIL MOIST- Sprinkle the granules in the ground or container. It cuts watering by up to 50%.

Tip 5 – We just started to see bag worms climbing several trees. Stop them in their tracks with Tanglefoot. If they are already eating foliage, treat with Bt insecticide.

Tip 6 – is something I have done for years. I keep tags from vegetable & flower plants that tasted great & worked well in my flower garden. I place them in an envelope stapled to my December calendar and transfer it to April when I receive my new calendar.

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