Tish’s Tips for March

TIP 1: Add organic matter, such as Mushroom Compost or Organic Soil Conditioner, to new and existing beds to ready and rejuvenate for spring planting.

TIP 2: March is a good time to note areas of poor drainage. If there are pools of water in your yard that do not drain, fill in the low spot or scoop out a channel for the water to drain away.

TIP 3: After your spring flowering bulbs start to sprout about 4″- 5″, feed your bulbs with Espoma’s Bulb Tone to invigorate green growth and replenish depleted soil nutrients.

TIP 4: Feed your Pansies ~ To get the WOW factor this spring, they need to be deadheaded and fed. FERTILOME’S 9-59-8 will have them looking marvelous.

TIP 5: If insects on your roses or shrubs were a problem in the garden last year, consider a dormant oil spray. Fruit trees will also do well with dormant oil spray.

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