April Gardening Tips

April gardening tipsTIP1: Cut back leggy houseplants and begin to fertilize at full strength. Repotting and acclimating houseplants in preparation for placing them outside this summer can be done now. As far as repotting goes, most plants will appreciate more space for root growth and some fresh soil. In general, repot plants in a pot that is 1-3 inches wider than the old pot. Plants need to be acclimated to the harsh glare of the sun so move your plants to a shady area and slowly expose them to more sun.

TIP 2:When planting tomato and other vegetable plants, place stakes or cages as you plant to avoid injuring them later.

TIP 3: Plant grass seed to fill in bare spots in your lawn. Loosen the soil to a depth of one-half inch with a spade or rake. Sow a good-quality seed with a low percentage of weed content and a high germination rate. Spread the seed liberally and work it in lightly. Use Fertilome New Lawn Starter designed to encourage root development in new lawn areas. Gently water the newly seeded area. Keep it moist.

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