Crape Myrtle Mania

Tidewater’s favorite tree is about to show off it’s beauty. We try to select proven varieties that are disease resistant yet provide rich color and different sizes. Currently in Stock

334Indicates size of plant at maturity

Shrub form ~

(See a full grown one in our garden)

Ruby Razzle Dazzle ~ 3X3 ~ Ruby leaf color, Pink flowers

Sweetheart Dazzle ~ 3X3 ~ Pink

Tree form available ~

Tonto ~ 10X10 ~ Fuchsia

Miami ~ 15X8 ~ Dark Coral

Muskogee ~ 25X10 ~ Lavender

Natchez ~ 25X25 ~ White

Siren Red ~ 15X15 ~ Deep Red

Tuskegee ~ 20X20 ~ Deep Pink

Catawba ~ 10X10 ~ Deep Purple

Sioux ~ 15X10 ~ Dark Pink

Dynamite ~ 20X15 ~ Red

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