Unusual Plants at Countryside Gardens

Flap-Jacks-KalanchoeWe’re serving up FLAPJACKS AT COUNTRYSIDE GARDENS

We had to put a sign on these beauties saying — “YES IT’S REAL” as everyone is touching them an asking if they are real.
The large, spatula-shaped, leathery leaves are 3 to 4 inches long and wide, and attached to the stem without a leaf stalk. The leaves are opposite, covered with a thick whitish wax and blushed with red margins. The leaves are stacked on each other like flapjacks to form a rosette, and face upward to reduce leaf exposure to the hot sun. The flowers are produced on tall, leafy stalks after the plants mature in usually three to four years. Flowers are yellow-green and tubular. The main or mother plant dies after flowering; however, offsets are produced.
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