What’s New at Countryside Gardens

So many new products have arrived for Spring, I thought I’d show off a few.

1115raisedbed-224x300Pictured – at right is just one of our raised bed gardening kits.

It can also be used as a sand box.



Real wood grain Look – MADE IN THE USA
20 year old Whiskey barrel.

  • Will not rot or mildew – Good looks last for 20 years
  • Outlasts wooden barrels – Does not dry out & fall apart
  • Unbreakable – Does not splinter, smell, or leak
  • Multipurpose – Container garden, water garden, ice, kegs & dirt
  • Eco-Blend Compound – Reduces landfill materials
  • Raised Feet on Bottom – Reduces surface staining
  • 1/3 the weight of wooden barrel – Easy to move
  • Solid Thick Walls – Withstands freezing, thawing & heating
  • Carbon Steel Band – Band rusts for weathered look.
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