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Australian Tree Ferns

Australian tree fern 002If you like the tropical look in your home, here is the plant for you. 

Our Australian Tree Ferns make a stunning house plant.

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Giraffe’s Knees at Countryside Gardens

Giraffe knee RuthannGiraffe knee RuthannGiraffe knee RuthannHere is another unique & rare perennial ready for your garden. Everyone is going to ask about this one for sure.

 The Giraffes Knee ~ The stalk of the plant looks like a giraffe and it swells up midway on the stalk to resemble the knee of a giraffe.  The leaves are fern like.

An easy to grow perennial according to our employee Ruthann who has several in her Hampton garden. The mother plant (pictured above is three feet tall and has several babies under it. Look for the unique & you can find it at Countryside Gardens!Giraffe

Orange Butterfly Weed at Countryside Gardens

Trying to attract bees? Add a tough, drought-tolerant native with intense orange flowers in mid to late summer to your garden. Attracts many varieties of butterfly and is especially attractive to Monarchs. A beautiful solution for a dry sunny location. Lots of pollinators including bees and hummingbirds stop by for a visit.

Orange butterfly week 2