Fall Blooming Perennials

fall perennialsPollinator Heaven just arrived at Countryside Gardens with hundreds of perennials. They’re in bud, ready to bloom. Achillea, Asclepia incarnata & tuberosa, Asters, Coreopsis, Echinacea, Eupatorium, Gaura, Helenium, Monarda, Shasta Daisy, Phlox, Rudbeckia, Salvia and a LOT LOT more.

Fall Gardening Time!

Fall gardenFor a delicious and very nutritious cornucopia of fall meals, late summer is the time to plant juicy lettuces, the cool-season aromatic herbs – dill, garlic chives, cilantro, arugula, parsley & fennel; hearty greens like chard, kale, mustard & turnip greens; baby pak choi, collards, cabbages & spinach; carrots, beets, leeks, peas, green onion, radishes. We have a great FALL seed selection. Stop by soon. Want plants instead?

Our cool season veggie plants arrive weekly. Be sure to check out our fall selection of veggie plants.


August 22nd – National Honey Bee Day

bee boxNATIONAL HONEY BEE day is August 22nd. The day is to bring awareness and educate the public about beekeeping, while helping the overall public understand the importance and contributions that honey bees provide.

Be sure to stop by Countryside Gardens and check out our bee hive!  The kids love seeing the working bees too!animated bee hive

Sale on All Trees at Countryside Gardens

TREESAll Trees 30% off at Countryside Gardens through Sunday, August 23rd.

This is what happens when you cut down all the trees!

Beauty Berries & Deciduous Hollies

Ilex-verticillata-'Winter-RIlexVerticillataRedSpriteWinterFruitHabit(Small)Our deciduous hollies & beauty berries are loaded with berries and just starting to turn for their fall beauty! They would be a great addition to any garden.BeautyberryBeauty berry