Cup Vases at Countryside Gardens

cup vasesLIKE THE UNUSUAL? Check out our Cup vases and bowl planters. All stacked up, ready to go. Wonder if these were designed by an avid coffee drinker.

Two-Tap Adaptor at Countryside Gardens

hose adaptorWE LIKE THIS GARDENING PRODUCT. Wait till you feel this adaptor. You can feel the quality. “It’s not plastic”. An innovative, ergonomic solution to turning water on and off! At the push of a button you can control water flow to your hoses, sprinklers or nozzles. The Two-Tap Adapt0r allows you to attach two hoses to a single tap, with a separate on/off button for each. The one-hand button control is convenient for everyone and a godsend for those with hand weakness or joint pain. Made from durable metal with swivel brass hose couplings for easy installation.

HOT Peppers at Countryside Gardens

Trinadad ScorpionIf you like HOT peppers and we do mean HOT, Countryside Gardens is the place to shop. We grow over 40 varieties. You can see them on our Pinterest page however I wanted to mention some of the hottest in the world. The Carolina Reaper is officially the Worlds Hottest Pepper as ranked by Guinness Records. There is nothing normal about this pepper. It was bred for heat. Oddly enough this pepper has excellent flavor as well. Don’t forget to pick up The Trinidad Scorpion, The Ghost, & Count Dracula if you dare.


Blue Crab Bay at Countryside Gardens

bluue crab bay 2015 # 2 003NEED A HOSTESS GIFT or a few delicious snacks before the main Memorial Day event. We expanded our line of Virginia made products. Our selection includes Seafood Grilling Sauce, Cocktail Sauce, Chesapeake Bay Seasoning, Herbs for Seafood, Clam Dip Kits, Bloody Mary Mixer & four munchies ~ Barnacles, Sea Salt Nuts, Skipjacks and my favorite Crab House Crunch.

Molexit at Countryside Gardens

mole exitTALK TO ME (TISH) if you need this product. I’ll tell you a great trick when using it. MOLEXIT is a 100% natural and safe way to rid your lawn of destructive moles. It is simple, clean, and easy to apply. One application covers up to 10,000 sq. ft. Molexit mole repellent is a castor oil based mole control product that has been proven effective by the University of Kentucky in reducing mole damage caused by moles. Molexit is a time released mole pesticide that is safe, easy to use and keeps working when other castor oil based pesticides wear out. If you have mole problems and mole damage by the eastern mole, and need an effective pest control product to rid your lawn of moles, then try the proven mole repellent, Molexit.