Seed Starting Class at Countryside Gardens

Seed startingHOW TO SUCCEED & WHEN TO BEGIN SEED PLANTING Countryside Gardens 220 E. Mercury Blvd. in Hampton.
Saturday, March 7th ~ 10 am in our toasty greenhouse. Free, Refreshments served, Reserve a seat 722-9909
While purchasing plants at Countryside Gardens is convenient, there is probably no better and more satisfying way to truly experience the complete growing cycle than starting your own seeds. To get a jump on the season, many gardeners start their seeds indoors so they have small plants for transplanting after our last frost.
Learn how to adopt the following techniques to ensure that seeds get a healthy start: proper soil, temperatures, moisture, light & fertilization. This is a hands on class. You will leave with a tray of planted seeds if you want to participate or you may want to just listen and observe. Handouts will be available at the class.

March Gardening Tips

March Gardening tipsTIP 1: Add organic matter, such as Mushroom Compost or Organic Soil Conditioner, to new and existing beds to ready and rejuvenate for spring planting.
TIP 2: March is a good time to note areas of poor drainage. If there are pools of water in your yard that do not drain, fill in the low spot or scoop out a channel for the water to drain away.
TIP 3: After your spring flowering bulbs start to sprout about 4″- 5″, feed your bulbs with Espoma’s Bulb Tone to invigorate green growth and replenish depleted soil nutrients.
TIP 4: Feed your Pansies ~ To get the WOW factor this spring, they need to be deadheaded and fed. Fertilome’s Bloom Booster 9-59-8 will have them looking marvelous. If you prefer granular, Fertilome’s Premium bedding plant food works great.
TIP 5: If insects on your roses or shrubs were a problem in the garden last year, consider a dormant oil spray. You can also apply it to fruit trees.

Low Maintenance Houseplants at Countryside Gardens

sedums displayDON’T have a green thumb? We have a great selection of LOW maintenance house plants. Here’s a few new arrivals.

Earth tone colors at Countryside Gardens

clothing 2-18-15 006On the other side of the spectrum of colors for Spring, here is a peek at our earth tone collection. Many pieces can be worn several different ways changing the look. Great when traveling. Lots of accessories to complete your outfit.

Spring colors at Countryside Gardens

Spring clothing 2015 001The colors of SPRING may not be blooming outside but they sure are in our fashion boutique. Trending are day and evening cover ups. What is great about these are they can be worn over a light or heavy weight top.

One size fits most. Be sure to check out our accessories to match.